18 Tishrei 5782 / Friday, September 24, 2021 | Torah Reading: Sukkot
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Is Mashiach Still Coming this Year?    

Is Mashiach Still Coming this Year?

What happened to the promise that last Rosh Hashanah was the last without Mashiach? There are only a few weeks left to Rosh Hashanah again – what’s going on?


Dear Rachel, 


Is it possible to get clarification from the Rav--He seems to be 'retracting' his statement from earlier this year based on his visit where he got an update that things are looking different than what they were looking like before last Rosh Hashanah? A lot of people are asking me too – what should I tell them? 


-O.S., Lakewood, NJ, USA 



Regarding Mashiach - tell people to be patient, do teshuva, and pray for ahavat Yisrael, to love everyone! Quote them the famous tzaddik who said, "The Mashiach that's coming you don't want, and the Mashiach you want - isn't coming!"  


We all have been taught all sorts of imaginations of Mashiach, and most of people wanting Mashiach is actually half the problem! "Bring Mashiach now!" essentially tells Hashem, "Do teshuva! Why are You withholding from us the good life?!"  


Guess what - Hashem wants to bring Mashiach more than we want him! In fact, Rabbi Arush says that Hashem is angry at us for not doing more to improve our spiritual lives and do a daily spiritual accounting, not strengthening our emuna, and especially becoming only more steeped in promiscuity of dress and manner, and increasing the hatred, lashon hara (evil speech), and in-fighting within the Jewish people daily. 


So, G-d isn’t bringing Mashiach yet because we aren't ready. Rabbi Arush says that if Mashiach comes one second too early - he'll come with rivers of blood, G-d forbid. 


If you want Mashiach - stop complaining and get ready! Get rid of all forms of unfiltered Internet. Get rid of the human-hair, custom-made wigs*. Do a real accounting of what you CAN do to slowly increase the holiness in your life on whatever level you’re starting out on.  


Start doing a daily spiritual accounting of at least 30 min so you aren't living life as if the world is ownerless and there is no judge and no judgment. Rabbi Arush says that if you truly recognized that there IS a Judge and Judgement, then you wouldn't wait for the Judgment to fall on your head! You would repent first! IE every day! And not only do you then stop the Judgment, but you even get a huge reward! If you believed it, you'd be a fool not to do it. So, you must not REALLY believe that there is a Judge and Judgment...). Start connecting to and listening to tzaddikim like Rabbi Arush, who are going to teach you the real truth! 


And of course, Rabbi Arush said the key to the Geula that we’ve all been waiting for is praying 30 minutes a day for ahavat Yisrael. Rabbi Arush says, “Finally, finally we have hope! We have a solution for the problem of baseless hatred that has plagued us for 2,000 years!” Of course, someone who is literally helping to bring the Redemption with mercy will be showered with miracles and everything will be taken care of for him. Rabbi Arush spoke further about our active involvement in bringing Redemption mercifully in his article Will the World Ever Really  Change?.  


Mashiach is not coming to rid us of all our troubles and let us indulge in more unbridled physicality. Just the opposite - we can enjoy physicality without it harming us only when we are holding on the highest levels of emuna and spirituality! So start investing in what will reap the real dividends! 


We have to at least be willing to WANT to live by the truth and try our best to change slowly - but we can't just say, "Oh it's fine, Hashem understands." We just read in Eicha (Lamentations) we sinned and did not consider the consequences. 


Long and wide clothing that doesn't cling to or reveal the body, in colors that don't attract attention, a real cloth head covering and not a wig, and guarding the eyes aren't OPTIONAL. Without them, we negate the most basic aspects of holiness! In fact, I just re-posted a summary from Rabbi Kanievsky shlita's book which states that the beard is also a basic part of kedushat Yisrael and all the "heters" to shave purported by the same "Rabbis" who say wigs and the rest of the shebang are all okay are also a sham.  


This is part of why it is so crucially important to pray every day to come close to a true tzaddik like Rabbi Arush, who teaches the real truth and not the lies. We are literally in the stage of the “birth pangs of Moshiach and therefore the lies are paraded around as truth, while the truth is trampled upon and mocked - just like the Gemara said it would be. Being connected to tzaddikim and receiving the truth from them, and trying our very best to implement it, is everything! It's literally the line between helping to bring Mashiach and delaying him G-d forbid.  


In fact, if I'm unsure of the truth, that's my standard - whatever everyone is saying and doing, the Gemara promises it's a lie! And what everyone is mocking, that's probably the truth! 


As someone who knows the truth on many, many subjects from the tzaddikim - I personally testify to you that it's an excellent rule to follow on every subject, from Jewish law (halacha) to what is being discussed in the media today!  


It was very, VERY hard for me to accept this reality because it's scary and painful but when I could finally come to grips with it, I was finally free to live the truth without caring about what other people thought about it! 


“Strength and glory are her clothing, and on the last day – she is the one who will laugh.”  King Solomon promises us - on the last day (when one leaves this world and is judged in Heaven, or when Mashiach is fully revealed), who will be the one laughing? (Eshet Chayil). 


And who will cower in shame?  


And which one do I want to be??? 



(*) The synthetic wigs are a real discussion. Many poskim forbid them also because they look far too real, but it is possible to get a heter to wear a synthetic wig under certain circumstances. Even the best ones - generally you can tell that it's a wig, versus real hair wigs. Another determining factor is the length - there is NO heter for a long wig (below the shoulders) under any circumstances. Again, generally the synthetic wigs are much shorter.  


That being said, regarding synthetic wigs - there are strong debates between the ikkar hadin - the basic, dry ruling according to Jewish law - and the sod, the ruling according to Kabbalah. Even those who permit synthetic wigs under specific circumstances and many rulings say that synthetic wigs require a specific heter, a specific permission for a specific situation and the average woman does not have blanket permission to use them.  


However, the tzaddikim with ruach hakodesh who rule according to what they see in Heaven and not specifically by halacha, discuss the various punishments meted out to women wearing even synthetic wigs because of the immodesty of attempting to look more beautiful, and specifically unmarried, outside the house! This includes even women who wear a hat on top of the wig which clearly signifies that they are married, women whose wig consists of just a bit of fake hair coming out of a hat, and even some Chassidishe women who wear a scarf, but put a small piece of brown MATERIAL - not even synthetic hair, just brown cloth - to make it look from afar AS IF their hair was showing out the front. 


The reason why is that the entire idea is incorrect. A married woman showing hair is forbidden. There is also a law that says that you are not allowed to do anything that even LOOKS forbidden. Hence, the Gemara says that almond milk served at a meat meal must have almonds in it to prove it isn't dairy! In our days people assume it's non-dairy milk but when that was rare, it had to be proven. And here a woman is going OUT OF HER WAY to look as if she's doing something forbidden?! And often in order to look more beautiful or more "normal" outside of the house, which is also against the principles of modesty - and sometimes even to fit in among the non-Jews easier and not be easily identified as a Jew, which is also against the principles of holiness! 





Rachel Avrahami grew up in Los Angeles, CA, USA in a far-off valley where she was one of only a handful of Jews in a public high school of thousands. She found Hashem in the urban jungle of university. Rachel was privileged to read one of the first copies of The Garden of Emuna in English, and the rest, as they say, is history. She made Aliyah and immediately began working at Breslev Israel.  
Rachel is now the Editor of Breslev Israel's English website. She welcomes questions, comments, articles, and personal stories to her email:  rachel.avrahami@breslev.co.il. 


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