24 Av 5781 / Monday, August 02, 2021 | Torah Reading: Re'eh
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A Just World    

A Just World

What happened to our world? “It ain’t like the old days no more.” The key to fixing it lies in correctly ascertaining the problem…


If you constantly succumb to those inner forces urging you to do what’s bad for you, you will become a slave to these demons and desire a world that’s bad for everyone. 


You shall not lie down with a male, as with a woman: this is an abomination (Vayikra 18:22). 


We just read the portion of Kedoshim where G-d admonishes us not to engage in homosexual behavior. He calls it an abomination. In this single portion, He admonishes us twice about this horror of horrors. 


The media may feel otherwise, and society and culture may feel otherwise, but nature has something else to say. Nature, having the same gematria as Hashem’s Name bearing His attribute of justice Elokim, shows that open gays have a very difficult life.  


People who embrace a lifestyle forbidden by G-d are five times more likely to try to take their own life. Those born into this current generation of “open permission” are 50% more likely to attempt the unthinkable than those who grew up in a world where such behavior was  universally  understood to be deviant 


What is this telling us? 


Any effort to make it as easy as possible to do whatever we want with our bodies results in complete disaster.  


Over 50% of the western world battles depression. They try to manage with prescription drugs, addictive substances, escapism through television or social media, or by engaging in more of what the west encourages 


This just makes it worse because instead of dealing with the root cause of the problem – living a life against how G-d created their bodies and minds to thrive – they just throw themselves deeper into the pit… 


Even a washing machine comes with instructions! You can choose to ignore the instructions and run it against the way it was designed to work, but it will simply break down that much faster. If this is true of every single man-made machine – then why should it be different with the brilliant machine that G-d created, called the human being?!  


G-d also wrote us an instruction manual called the Torah – and if we refuse to heed the instructions, then no different than our washing machine, the body, the mind and society all break down… 


Bold Leaders 

When the cultural elite tell you it’s good to do something self-destructive, the weak and ambitious follow them like lemmings.  


Only a true leader will do what is right for all of us.  


The true leader fights for a society that advances our spiritual wellbeing along with  our  material  wellbeing 


Any government that makes legal choices that G-d warns can cost us our eternal soul is not a government for the people.  


Hashem admonishes us right after commanding us not to engage in such abomination what happened to those nations that did: 


You shall not defile yourselves by any of these things, for the nations, whom I am sending away from before you, have defiled themselves with all these things (Vayikra 18:24). 


What was the punishment for such wanton, sexually inverse behavior? 


God destroyed them.  


From Sodom, to Egypt, the Canaanite nations, Greece, and Rome, nothing  survived  after  they  legalized the self-destruction of every soul in their realm.  


Since 2010 when the U.S. Supreme Court legalized Sodomy, America has disintegrated. Race riots. Economic collapse. Paralysis of the police force. Skyrocketing burglary (even in broad daylight) and homicide rates. Overrun of criminals. Looming civil war. A number of righteous Rabbis, even within America, said to their communities after that fateful decision, “The time to leave America has come.” 


Since December 27, 2015, when an open Sodomite was made a member of the Israeli Knesset from the ruling Likud party, not a single election since has created a functioning government.  


A True Nation 

The nation that endures is the one that has the strength to protect its citizens from their worst enemy: Their own Evil Inclination. Their sins. Their lusts.  


By making actions G-d specifically calls an abomination illegal by the laws of the state, the government thus protects the eternity of each of its citizens – especially those citizens inclined to commit such atrocities 


If the government, through the military and police, is charged with protecting the physical being of the people. The government, through taxes, subsidies, and granting of mass swaths of farmland protected land, acts to maintain the physical being of its people.  


By passing steep fines, jail sentences, exclusion from holding public office or any government position for engaging in anything deemed an abomination by Hashem, the government also protects the spiritual and eternal welfare of those it has sworn to protect.  The  Torah does not require or request for the government to impinge on the privacy of its citizens and come into their homes to check on their doings, but it cannot openly support and encourage such behavior. 


If such behaviors were made illegal and American society wasn’t actively encouraging what goes against the fabric of Creation, how many young men would still be alive today? How much chaos, in America and in Israel, would we all be spared? 


When Mashiach Ben David comes and all law follows those statutes set by G-d Himself in His Torah, we will finally be spared all the chaos that is happening today.  


* * * 

David Ben Horin lives in Afula with his wife and children. Since moving to Israel in 2002, David has discovered Torah, writing hi-tech, hiking, coding ReactJS Apps, and hearing stories about the Land of Israel from anyone excited to tell them. Check him out on Highway 60 or email him your favorite Israel story at:  david.ben.horin@spreadyourenthusiasm.com. 

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