24 Av 5781 / Monday, August 02, 2021 | Torah Reading: Re'eh
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The Government of Change    

The Government of Change

Why worry? Let’s give our Eternal Leader our absolute, blind faith that all that’s happening comes directly from Him, it is good, and it is ultimately for our benefit.


Worried about Naftali Bennett?  


Worried about how much the Arabs are extorting from the country after trying to burn it down? 


Worried about the Reform movement infiltrating the Israeli Rabbinate? 




Right after the destruction of the Second Temple, a handful of great Sages saw foxes playing where the Altar once stood.  


One Sage tore his garments. Another Sage wept. Rabbi Akiva started to laugh.  


“Why are you laughing Rabbi Akiva?”  


He knew.  


God told us that there would soon be foxes running where we made sacrifices. God also told us that the Temple would be rebuilt and remain the center of the universe forever. As long as the first prophesy comes true, the second one will also come true. 


Rabbi Akiva is telling us that the destruction of the Second Temple is the guarantor that the Third and Eternal Temple will be rebuilt. That Mashiach will come. That Hashem will reign over His world and Torah will be the universal law of the Land.  


The bad guys will regret, repent, or regurgitate.   



The Signs are Clearer than Ever 


Prime Minster Bennett? 


It sounds more like the leader of England than Israel.  


The Gemara, in Tractate Sotah, gives us signs that Mashiach is here. I will highlight the ones that pertain to our times: 


When the footsteps of the Mashiach can be heard: 


Inflation will soar. Over the last year and into the next one, the American government has created $10 trillion out of thin air.  


The dominant power in the world will promote the denial of G-d. This year is the first year that extreme liberals control both the American and Israeli governments.  


No one will be able to reprove another [for everyone will be guilty of the same transgressions]. Conservative voices are being silenced everywhere.  


The Galilee will be destroyed. Tiberius makes the lions share of its income on tourism, which was decimated by the COVID-19 global lockdown.  


The wisdom of the Torah scholars will rot, and those who fear sin will be despised. Avigdor Lieberman is poised to slash the budgets of Yeshivot. Yair Lapid as alternate Prime Minster will continue his propaganda campaign against the greatest of our generation.  


The truth will be hidden. Underneath a billion daily articles, blog pieces, and social media posts about Beyonce. Outright lies and slander are being sold as “news” while those who speak the truth are silenced. 


Young people will shame old men, and old men will stand up before youngsters. Today’s power elite are high-tech, all young people. Of the top 10 richest people on earth, the majority are under 65. Three of the four richest Jews are under 50.  


On whom can we rely on? Our Father in Heaven. Everybody feels helpless. Both the Israeli and American police are powerless. The IDF is ruled by a government ruled by Arabs.  


Only Hashem can protect us.  



Miracles are Reality 


According to the Sages, the entire world will hear the words of Mashiach Ben David all at once. A century ago, this was only possible by Divine miracle. Thirty years ago, it was a pipe dream. 


Today, anyone can speak into a microphone and it can go straight onto Youtube where billons of people can watch. Only in our generation is such a feat – commonplace.  


The War of Gog and Magog will take mere minutes. Only in our generation is such a scenario possible.  


If I told you a year ago that the longest serving and greatest Prime Minister of modern-day Israel would be replaced by a right-wing modern Orthodox Jew with the support of the atheist party, extreme left-wing parties and the Islamic Movement, you would have felt my forehead and told me to sit down for a few minutes.  


There is no earthly way that a man who didn’t make it into the Knesset just 18 months ago became Prime Minster. God has His eyes upon the Land from the first day of the year to the last. Unlike all of the other nations in this world, we have no ministering angel supervision our national fate. God Himself micromanages every detail of the Jewish People and His land. 


Hashem has His reasons for the downfall of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and He has His reasons for the emergence of Naftali Bennett.  


It’s is all part of the plan that will crown Mashiach Ben David our permanent leader.  


The Zohar tells us that prior to Mashiach, for nine months the Arabs will rule over Israel. If this is the realization of such a terrifying prophecy, Baruch Hashem! That means we are just nine months away… Thank You God for Your Infinite Mercy.  



The Sun Will be Up Shortly 


The Sages told us the Satan would be given everything right before the arrival of King Mashiach who will crown G-d King over the entire world. The intense darkness we face is a test for every Jew striving to strengthen his or her emuna to rely not on the mighty US Dollar, Donald Trump, the IDF, the Iron Dome, or Bibi – but on the Borei Olam, our Creator, Father, Provider, Sustainer, and King 


In the blink of an eye the Satan will be removed from this world and the urge to sin will be gone 


Yair Lapid will be putting on Tefillin.  


Tamar Zandberg will be handing out Shabbos candles to the kids coming home from school.  


Yariv Oppenheimer will be elected mayor of Hebron to fulfill his promise to build 100,000 new housing units in the City of our Forefathers.  


Jeremy ben Ami will raise $10 billion for Yeshivot.  


Avigdor Lieberman will make a statement from his prison: 


“Why are only Amir Peretz, Ehud Olmert, and Amir Ohana the only ones arriving at early morning prayers. Stop with the burekas and make the Netz minyan! 



Who Are We to Say Where the Light Will Shine Next 


God used Theodore Herzl, an atheist, to found the modern idea of the Jews returning home. He used a man who had a statue of an idol in his office to found the State of Israel. He used a man who had a mental collapse to conquer Jerusalem.  


When the Prophet Samuel approached Jesse ben Obed to tell him that one of his sons will be the next king of Israel, Jesse didn’t even consider his youngest. God took the least likely shepherd, even thought to be illegitimate, and made him king.