20 Tishrei 5782 / Sunday, September 26, 2021 | Torah Reading: Sukkot
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Life's Classroom    

Life's Classroom

Every area that touches our life becomes a teachable moment for us; we get to learn and practice everything the Creator has taught through His Seven Commandments…


I already knew that the Creator was my source, but sometimes it takes someone else to drive a subject home and help you begin to live it out in your own life. For me, it was the CD by Rabbi Lazer Brody, “Dollars and Sense”. It all started with a deeper understanding that the Creator was the source of my income; this allowed me to take my mind off my job as my living and put it on how I conduct myself at the job the Creator chose for me to do with my time.


Each day I saw how I could conduct myself better and better. My job became a place to grow in the laws and moral code that I was learning in the Hebrew Scriptures and other Jewish writings.


It would not be long before every place I went became a place to practice being the person the Creator wanted me to be.


I took some time and went to the top of a local mountain to talk with the Creator about some things and one of the thoughts I came away with was that, “Life is a classroom”.


When the Creator becomes rooted in our minds and lives as the source of our income, shelter, clothing and food, this leaves less time to worry and more time living life as a classroom to live as the Creator wants. It takes a lifetime to live like this, but we all have our moments where we get it and take the next step up the spiritual ladder.


There is a lady; we follow each other’s blogs. She is nearing the end of her conversion process to become an Orthodox Jew. In one of her past blogs she tells a question she is asked often by her manager at work and others. I read her blog where the question was posted shortly after my trip to the mountain for some quiet time with the Creator. It really tied in well with what I hoped to write about next and I got her permission to share it with you and see how it relates to us as Noahides as well as Jews.


She was asked about her conversion, "What does all this do for you?"


I thought this was a great question for us Noahides/Gentiles who have left the religions of this world and clung on to the Creator and His commandments for the non-Jewish world.


Ask yourself, “What do the Seven Universal Commandments with all their sub-rulings do for you as a person?”


As you ponder the question, here is a quote my friend began her blog with: “Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.”


Remember, the Creator is our complete source. That leaves the rest of life to be a classroom in which to learn and put to use everything He has shown us through the 7 Laws.


What does living by the moral code found in the Hebrew Scriptures and Jewish tradition do for you?


And in her studies for conversion another question came to the table that we should ask ourselves: "What does all this do for Hashem?”


I think the answer to the first and second question is found in the Psalms and a quote I used in a blog of mine:


Psalm 89:3


For I have said, 'The world is built on kindness'.


From my own studies I have found that when we as humans show kindness to one another, kindness comes from Above to us.


When we look hard at the Seven Commandments given to Noah we see a pattern: in a nutshell, through them we are showing kindness to the Creator and to our fellow human beings.


With life as our classroom and the Creator as our source, we have plenty of opportunities to show kindness in all aspects of our life.


Each prohibition we have is rooted in kindness toward heaven and earth.


Living life with the Creator as your source, your mind is free to let life become a classroom for you. Every area that touches our life becomes a teachable moment for us; we get to learn and practice everything the Creator has taught through His Seven Commandments.

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