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Noahide Challenges and Joys    

Noahide Challenges and Joys

When the Creator directed me to the 7 Noahide Laws instead of conversion, one of the first things I prayed to Him was, "I can do this!" A relief and an excitement came over me…




For many Noahides, the loneliness factor is probably the greatest challenge. For many in the USA and outlying countries where there are not large groups of non-idolatrous gentiles i.e. Noahides, loneliness can take its toll on people. This is especially so amongst those coming out of Christianity where a community of people of similar beliefs congregate.  


Along with loneliness, there is one challenge that I coined out of my own personal experience, I call it a ‘worship void’. The loneliness did not affect us as much as the worship void did. We loved praise and worship music in church. But then it came to a stop - we trashed all of our idolatrous worship music. Even now, almost 10 years later, tunes still come to mind along with their emotions. At one time, I had come to the point, that I was afraid to sing to God because of what might slip out, that was still a part of me no matter how hard I tried to rid it from me.


There are some amazing Orthodox Jewish singers out there with proper lyrics. The Tanach is full of inspiring words that one can create their own tune to.


Noahide music is one area, where there is a lack at this time. But this should not be a deterrent in praising the Great Creator - words of affirmation from your soul and own experience that a professional song could never hold a candle to.


Mixed marriages - what I mean from this, is that there are some who may have made the Noahide journey alone, and your spouse may still be in their chosen religion or way of belief. I have met several in this situation. Those that seem to have successful relationships in this situation does not push or hammer the other with the Noahide laws but are supportive as much as they can be, letting the other person learn and grow at their own pace.


One other challenge that surfaces a lot, is the subject of dating. Whether you are a single adult or parents of teens and young adults, this can be a very hard and emotional challenge.


The dating challenge can be tied to the loneliness challenge for the same reason that the Noahide community where you are is either very small or just does not exist. For those who are seeking a mate of like beliefs this may require relocation by one or both of the parties. That is fine and dandy for adults who can move but for parents with children it could be more difficult.


To be honest I think this is an ongoing situation in many countries.




It is the greatest joy to serve the Creator in the way He made me with the Laws he designed for me.


I know that does not seem like a joy, but it is for me. Let me explain.  When I was studying for conversion there was on particular mitzvah that I physically struggled with and it bothered me that after conversion, I may not be able to complete it properly. But when the Creator directed me to the 7 Laws, one of the first things I prayed to Him was - I can do this - a relief and an excitement came over me - I now could serve Him with Joy and without worrying whether I could physically do what He asked.


Gaining a new human and world view and learning to treat every human being with kindness beings me joy. Shining the light of our Creator’s attributes that are found in the 7 Laws is also joy inspiring!


The world around me became my community - the 7 Noahide Laws do not separate us from those around us, but gives us opportunity to observe the Laws and teach others as the opportunities arise. We can get involved with the community and culture around us baring that we do not sacrifice the 7 Laws in doing it.


My walk with the Creator and the 7 Laws lets me have a love for humans and all of creation that is almost unexplainable. That is a joy beyond words.


I have learned not to use the 7 Laws as a club, to beat up those around me that live a life different than mine. I use the 7 Laws to improve myself first before I expect from others. This allows me to journey outside my box to meet others who are not like me and allow them to meet someone not like themselves - becoming friends and allowing me to plant seeds for the Creator without preaching to them like I did in the past.


No religion is another way that the Noahide laws bring joy into my life. Believe it or not the longer you study and live the Noahide life, you will find a freedom from religion. Being obedient to the Laws of the Creator will become more and more important to you than religious rites and ceremonies.


My greatest joy of the Noahide Laws is how they changed me.

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