20 Tishrei 5782 / Sunday, September 26, 2021 | Torah Reading: Sukkot
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By no small coincidence, "Amalek" and the Hebrew word for "doubt" – safek – have the identical gematria, or numerical value – 240; they are one and the same…


Recently, I received an excellent English blurb from a Torah book entitled "Shvilei Pinchas" by Rabbi Pinches Friedman. I wanted to share with you something I read from him a couple of weeks ago and the amazing thought HaShem put into my head right afterwards.


Rabbi Friedman cites the holy great grandfather of the Satmer Rebbe, the "Yismach Moshe," who comments on the story of Amalek. In Exodus Chapter 17, Verse 16, the Torah states, “And he said: 'The hand upon the throne of Hashem: Hashem will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.” In Hebrew, when Hashem's name is written by “throne of Hashem,” it is in the shortened form of just the letters Yud and Hey (YH), instead of His full name, Yud and Hey and Vav and Hey (YHVH).


Many commentators ask the famous question as to why Hashem's name is shortened here. The Yismach Moshe then cites King David from Chronicles I 16:32 speaking on the topic of Geulah (redemption) who says, "Yishmichu Hashamyim V'Sagel Ha'Aretz" (The Heavens will be happy, the land will rejoice." As you can see from the underlining, the first letters in Hebrew spell out Hashem's full name, YHVH. When Hashem, YHVH, representative of His Mercy, saves us from our troubles, the heavens and the earth celebrate. When Amalek, who represents spiritual doubt, is in the world, only "Yishmichu Hashamiym," the Heavens rejoice because they always see things from Above with Emuna. During galus (exile), the earth is in darkness; there's pain and suffering and no understanding so there's no happiness. After Hashem brings Geulah, then V'Sagel Ha"Aretz, then the earth (people) rejoice, because they've seen the salvation. Hashem's name is then complete as YHVH. Now we can understand why the Torah only has the YH of Hashem's name written in relation to Amalek.


Here is the awesome thought Hashem put into my head: This concept of the Yismach Moshe explains why Rav Arush's strategy to thank Hashem for the seemingly bad works to bring miracles! When a person is in a painful, difficult situation, the evil inclination – Amalek - pumps him full of spiritual doubt in Hashem and he's worried, unhappy, etc. By no small coincidence, "Amalek" and the Hebrew word for "doubt" – safek – have the identical gematria, or numerical value – 240; they are one and the same!


By acting with Emuna and thanking Hashem for one's troubles, one can eventually neutralize this negative spirituality inside. He can make himself feel happy through prayer of thanks! Once the person feels happy, he is fulfilling the rest of the statement, “And the earth will rejoice!” Through hitbodedut of thanking, He has completed Hashem's name of Mercy, YHVH, and now Hashem repays him in kind by bringing Merciful salvation!


The biggest key here is to realize that the amount of praying of thanks depends on the person. Only I (and Hashem) know in my heart of hearts if I'm really happy and accepting of a situation. As long as I feel the slightest bit of sadness or anger or any negativity, my praying is not complete. I hope and pray that these words inspire you to start your own path of praying and thanking for your troubles until you see the miracles in your life. All the best!

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