18 Tishrei 5782 / Friday, September 24, 2021 | Torah Reading: Sukkot
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  Iron dome

So you think we should disable iron dome?

Kfir8/19/2020 1:12:12 PM
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  Likutey mojarán en español (only subject)
Francés Montalvo3/15/2020 10:05:51 PM
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  Reply to Victor's question

I checked with someone in the know and to our understanding (I admit that I was not able to ask R' Arush himself, such a task is virtually impossible) the segula only works with the full Likutei Moharan.


However, Rabbi Arush himself did comment in a lesson that the segula works whether or not you understand what you read. That goes for reading it - it's a very big segula to read Likutei Moharan out loud, even if you understand nothing - much like the Zohar. It also goes for the book sitting in your home, car, and office etc. Of course, it is fantastic to learn Likutei Moharan with a translation and commentary of course - but make sure you have ONE FULL HEBREW LIKUTEI MOHARAN sitting on your shelves, plus one for the car, and one for the office.


While I would argue that something is certainly better than nothing, and if someone was stuck on a desert island then certainly they should keep the single volume with them - why go with b'di eved when you can get a copy for only $25 with free shipping? Skip your morning Starbucks cappuccino for a couple days and you've already got it covered... trust me, Likutei Moharan will wake you up much more! :-)


Besides which, being part of Rabbi Arush's incredible Likutei Moharan Campaign is its own zechut. Personally, we have lots of copies in our home already BH, but I didn't hesitate to run out and pick up one of the "One Million Edition" at my first opportunity. That's a merit I want in my house!


Thank you again for your truly insightful question, and happy to help if you want more clarification.


RT Avrahami, The Editor

RT Avrahami2/13/2020 9:14:50 PM
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  about likutey moharan

I have the first two books of the Likutey Moharan at home. Would the sugula work if I take one of my books with me and leave the other home?

victor morgado2/12/2020 9:46:02 AM
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  Button not working

Please correct the problem. Thank you

Manasseh Akerib10/27/2019 5:22:59 PM
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