27 Shvat 5782 / Saturday, January 29, 2022 | Torah Reading: Va'era
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 Torah and Prophets Torah and Prophets
    39 Melachos of Shabbos for Students
Illustrated guide for Shabbos observance for young people
Our Price: USD $ 15.90 List Price: USD $ 35.00 You Save: 55%
    A Minute Vort on the Parsha 1
R' Eli presents his series of short parsha vorts. You'll unearth your inner self-worth and limitless potential and feel great about yourself! A page a week of thought provoking and humorous insights. Excellent!!
Our Price: USD $ 8.00 List Price: USD $ 11.20 You Save: 29%
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    A Treasury of Chassidic Tales on the Torah
Its Hebrew edition, Sippurei Chassidim, is probably the most popular work of its kind, and has gone through many printings. Now -- finally -- this consummate blend of warmth, wisdom, inspiration, history, and Torah interpretation is available in English.
Our Price: USD $ 38.20 List Price: USD $ 44.50 You Save: 14%
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    Baal Shem Tov - Numbers
Mystical stories about the Baal Shem Tov relating to the weekly Torah portion of Numbers.
Our Price: USD $ 14.30 List Price: USD $ 17.50 You Save: 18%
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    Behold a People
A didactic history of scriptural times
Our Price: USD $ 27.00 List Price: USD $ 41.30 You Save: 35%
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    Blueprints of Breishis
The Torah reveals to us different names of G-d. Names represent the revealed part of G-d...the part we can grasp. There are descriptions of the middos of Hashem as they manifest in this world. What is true with the names of G-d is also true with the true name of every created th
Our Price: USD $ 28.60 List Price: USD $ 31.80 You Save: 10%
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    Chumash - For His Sake with Love
The five books of the Torah with Rashi and Targum Onkelus in a clear font. Includes the haftaras and the five megillas.
Our Price: USD $ 11.20 List Price: USD $ 12.40 You Save: 10%
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    Concise Sefer HaChinuch
As Jews, our primary obligation in life is to fulfill the will of our Creator as expressed in the Torah, and specifically, by way of the Taryag (613) Mitzvos. It is therefore essential to know what these Mitzvos are and what they mean. Adapted from the classic Sefer HaChinuch, he
Our Price: USD $ 27.70 List Price: USD $ 31.80 You Save: 13%
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